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General Questions

What is CommonGenius?
CommonGenius is a community that helps you discover, schedule, and pay for advice and coaching from world renown experts and executives via our beautiful video conference technology. Our team has hand-selected nearly 1,000 of the most valuable consultants and mentors across specialties and industries to help you make better, faster decisions, improve your career standing, and grow your business. No more leaving your success to chance. No more sending mountains of cold inboxes that you never hear back from or attending networking events in blind hopes that you just might find someone who is able and willing to help. Some of our most popular experts are from personal branding and public speaking, start-up fundraising, product design, and marketing.
How does CommonGenius work?
  1. Search for an Expert
CommonGenius makes it simpler than ever before to get answers to complex problems from world class experts. Use our guided search to view experts in your field or industry from all over the world. View their profiles to see past experience, specialties, education and certifications, past publications, and reviews. Need clarification before you book? Send them a quick message.      2. Schedule a Meeting To schedule a meeting with an expert, members simply propose three convenient time slots that work for them and craft a brief message about the topic of the meeting to help the expert do their necessary prep work. The expert will have 72 hours to respond and will either confirm one of the member’s suggested times or suggest other times until a mutually agreed upon window is requested. Both members and experts can also cancel the request if necessary.    3. Confirming a Meeting Once the expert accepts a window, the member will receive an email prompting them to enter their credit card and billing information via Stripe on the CommonGenius checkout page. The meeting is only final once this step is completed. Upon confirmation, members and experts will be sent via email and text message. Other notifications will also be sent as the meeting window approaches.   4. Video Conference At the scheduled date and time, both the member and expert will receive a link to join the video conference to their emails as well as their meeting dashboards located in the profile menu when logged-in to the CommonGenius website or mobile app. The actual cost for the meeting only starts accruing once both experts and members join the conference and will pause in the case that one or both leave the conference.  5. Final Payment Members will be charged for the estimated cost upon confirming their billing information prior to confirmation; however, final prices will be adjusted based upon the actual meeting length. Refunds for unused time or overtime charges will appear as a second transaction. Members and experts will be alerted on the video conference screen as their scheduled meeting time nears its end. Members are given a three-minute grace period after which they will begin accruing additional charges at the expert’s standard rate.
Is CommonGenius International?
CommonGenius is an international platform hosting experts and users from all over the world. This is central to our mission- to enable access to knowledge and advice no matter where you are from- all you need is an internet connection. Never before shared knowledge, or knowledge centralized in expensive urban centers, is now at your fingertips.  For more information, email us at info@CommonGenius.com

CommonGenius Support

If you are unable to find the answer you need feel free to reach our support team. Happy Learning!