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Four Tips for Hiring a Qualified SEO Company

If you own a business, you’ve probably experienced predatory cold calls and emails from SEO companies telling you that you need to hire them because:

  • They can get you to the top of Google search
  • They will add your company to every link directory on the internet
  • Your website violates “Google rules” and you need to hire them to fix it before it’s too late!

Don’t fall for these sales tactics.

In this blog post, I’ll share 4 tips for hiring a qualified SEO company to help your company reach your goals through Search Engine Optimization.

“SEO campaigns typically last 6-12 months.”

Tip #1: Find an SEO company.

Many entrepreneurs have told me that they hired a freelancer for SEO. The results were either that they later found out that nothing was done or what they did showed no increase of website traffic, engagement or sales.

Although there are freelancers that are great, here are reasons why I recommend hiring a team:

  1. Personal lives can get in the way of the work being completed or the job ends up being bigger than the freelancer expected.
  2. Unless a freelancer is charging you a significant amount of money per month, they probably have other clients that they are doing campaigns for simultaneously. SEO research, content editing and technical implementation can be tedious. It’s important that your project keeps moving.
  3. SEO campaigns typically last 6-12 months. Teams usually have processes in place to keep you updated of what’s going on. Having multiple people to carry the project through also provides less of a chance of the project stalling or being incomplete.

Tip #2: An effective SEO company will get to know your business before you have agreed to work with them.

A consultation or discovery session is critical before signing a SEO agreement. This shows that the company is interested in your success and that their approach is focused on achieving your goals, not putting you through a non-customized routine process.

Tip #3: Ask what their approach is for optimizing websites.

When asking, make sure they are going to do more than the following:

  • Add your website to link directories
  • Make technical changes like: add header tags or links to your footer to your website
  • Make your website secure through SSL

Aside from what’s mentioned above, they should also:

  • Implement a keyword strategy specific to your niche within your industry
  • Provide blog writing and/or recommendations for what to blog about
  • Generate new content or edit your existing content on your website

If they do more… Awesome!

Tip #4: Ask whether they think you need it.

There are some businesses that don’t need a SEO campaign. What’s most important is measuring existing website engagement and determining the best marketing methods to achieve your business goals. A company with integrity will give you an answer to this question that will assist you in making an informed decision.

Tip #5: Ask to speak to their previous clients.

When talking with their previous clients ask:

  • Find out what their experience was working with them
  • What was the process was like
  • Did the results help them reach their business goals?

At MeetGeraldine, we’ve discovered that generating an effective SEO campaign requires extensive research, techniques that speak to all of the Google Algorithm updates and a business strategy approach.

SEO can be a big investment. We encourage you to do your research before you commit. Also remember that SEO is a long-term strategy. When a SEO campaign is complete it can take 3-9 months before you see results.