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Amber Hu, founder & ceo
"Everyone deserves access to the knowledge and networks that can help them succeed."
Scott Graham, chief operating officer
"This team is out to change the world. To democratize knowledge. To unseat reality."
Roman Grimaldi, vp, content marketing
"If it's not hard to pull off then you aren't dreaming big enough."
Samantha Karlin, director, global expert community
"Today’s unprecedented challenges require an approach that crosses expertise, industries, and borders."
Shiyi Wang, ui/ux designer
"We try to make every customer experience remarkable and beautiful."
Jianguo Guo, software engineer
"I love working with people who inspire me every day."
Drew Thompson, software engineer
"We are using the latest tech to bring people together in completely new ways."
Lucy Su, marketing manager
"We are re-thinking how business will get done in the next decade. That's exciting."
Daniel Mao, software engineer
"We are providing a lifetime's worth of networking right in the palm of your hand."
Dale Seavey, chief technology officer
"There's an old adage that knowledge is power. CommonGenius gives that power to everyone."
Amber Hu
founder & ceo
Scott Graham
chief operating officer
Roman Grimaldi
vp, content marketing
Samantha Karlin
director, global expert community
Shiyi Wang
ui/ux designer
Jianguo Guo
software engineer
Drew Thompson
software engineer
Lucy Su
marketing manager
Daniel Mao
software engineer
Dale Seavey
chief technology officer

We're reinventing how knowledge gets shared between people, communities, and industries.

Our nimble team isn't just about dreaming big; we're about doing big. Combining decades of combined experience, learning from both successes and failures, and applying concepts and strategies that may or may not have been ever tried before, we are building CommonGenius into the central exchange for the knowledge economy.

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