The Future of Independent Consulting

Earn money and rewards for yourself or your favorite charity as a CommonGenius Expert.

Why consult with CommonGenius?

CommonGenius makes it simple to earn money through leveraging your expertise. Easily reach people looking for advice from someone like you.

You're in control

With CommonGenius, you are in full control of your prices, availability, and the types of projects you wish to take on. You handle the process and have the final say in confirming meetings.

A hands-on experience, virtually

Common Genius is on online platform, and sessions are held through our enhanced video platform.

How to become an Expert with CommonGenius

CommonGenius offers trainings, webinars, and personal support, as well as an engaged community of experts who share ideas on how to expand your customer base and gain recurring income.

Step One

Submit Your Application

It’s free and easy to apply to be an expert on CommonGenius. Just upload a photo, a brief bio, your qualifications and topic areas.

Our community managers will review your application within 72 hours and get back to you with a decision.

Step Two

Host Clients

Choose a convenient time and date to connect with your client via our online meeting platform.

Get to know your client and their objectives before your meeting by messaging them on the platform.

Step Three

Get Paid

CommonGenius provides a secure payment system. This means you never have to deal with money directly, AND you are guaranteed to get paid.

Clients are charged by the minute with a 15 minute minimum, and you are paid within 72 hours of the meeting.

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Expert Perks and Rewards

We know that you can’t afford to hire a PR firm for $10k per month to get you press, and that life is much richer surrounded by interesting people. That is why our experts soon will be eligible for all different types of services, events, and community building – on us. Here are some of the perks available or coming soon to the community:

  • Professional training
  • Advertising and media support
  • Host webinar and workshops through the platform
  • Public relations support from major PR agencies
  • Co-branding support
  • Opportunity to become a featured expert
  • Business cards
  • Promo code management
  • CommonGenius Expert Email
  • CommonGenius Phone Extension with Messaging
  • Coordinator as needed
  • Curated, warm introductions to other members of the expert community
  • Members only events to network with other experts in your area
  • Private, members-only 12-person dinners
  • Free credit to consult with other experts on the site
  • Private Facebook group
  • Job Board for Experts
And coming soon…

  • Travel and hotel benefits
  • Discounts at luxury brands
  • Exclusive dining and entertainment experiences
  • Tours of major Silicon Valley tech stars

Join the most elite community of independent consultants

CommonGenius experts are leaders within their specialties or disciplines. Upon approval, experts are able to advertise their consulting services within the community and gain access to a wide ranging set of exclusive perks.

No Membership Fee

CommonGenius is completely free for our experts. There is no signup fee. The site operates on a commission based model, charging a 15% commission on each sale. If you decide to donate either part or all of your consulting fee to charity, we donate our part to charity as well. We care about the world too :)

What type of experts qualify?

CommonGenius celebrates experts from nearly all subject-matters and walks of life. So whether you’re a marketing guru, an executive coach, a google fiber expert, or a travel consultant, we empower you to share your expertise with the world. Simply submit your profile, and a community manager will review your credentials and be in touch.

Can I donate my proceeds?

Yes! If you would rather a percent go to your favorite charity, we make it easy. Contact our community team for details at

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Frequently Asked Questions

The range that experts wish to list their services for varies. Typically those who are more senior charge anywhere between $2 and $5 per minute, and those with less experience charge around $1 per minute. It also depends upon who you want to coach. Startup and social entrepreneurs won’t have as high of a budget as those working for established companies.

We set the minimum number of minutes that a client can book at 15 minutes. If you would prefer to only take longer meetings, you can indicate a minimum number of minutes that you are willing to talk in follow up messages with your booking. Additionally, if a client books 15 or 30 minutes but wants to extend the call longer, they will be billed accordingly. Thus, we suggest blocking out 45 minutes for a 30 minute call, 1 hour for a 45 minute call, etc. It is your job to be so dynamic that they naturally want to extend the call!

Our base fee is 15%, and the rest goes to you. Our base fee may lower in correlation with the amount of business you are doing on the site. Any promotions are split with the expert and CommonGenius.

Your profile can be managed on both desktop and our mobile app. Once you are accepted,  our community manager will send you a link to download the app so that you can manage meetings, payments, and alerts, as well as get instant access to your ratings and reviews.

Fees are paid within 72 hours.

You’ll have the opportunity to attract a wide variety of clients from across the world including business leaders, entrepreneurs, and those looking for career advice or training.

You can set your availability within your user profile. Based upon your indicated availability, users will submit requests for three different time slots. Then you can choose the request that works with your schedule.
Being available at the time that you and your client agree on is of the utmost importance.If you absolutely need to, you can message your client to rearrange the time at least 24 hours prior to your meeting. If you cancel at the last minute on a client more than twice and cannot successfully rearrange the time, your profile will be suspended.
We recommend asking the client to send you initial questions prior to the meeting. Make sure you are able to thoroughly cover the requested topics as well as any obvious follow-up questions. Your strongest assets in these meetings are your experience, your ability to transfer knowledge clearly, and your ability to anticipate any additional knowledge that will be beneficial to your attendee. During your meeting with the attendee, make sure that you identify your client’s key questions soon after introductions. All experts receive a rating after each meeting which helps highlight their expertise so being prepared is pivotal to succeeding on the platform.
How do I drive clients to my page?
Tell potential clients how valuable your insights will be; don’t be shy! Create a compelling description for your topics. Stand out with a high resolution photo, and be sure to include any video links you have that show you in action! Include your full career and employment credentials as well as any awards you’ve received or publications you’ve authored.
Make sure to list your expertise on LinkedIn, Yelp, Google Business, your blog, and all other social media presences. Earn 5-Star reviews and testimonials so that new clients can feel rest assured that they will have a fantastic experience. Have a expert success consultant provide you recommendations for optimizing your sales pitch. Attend our exclusive expert webinars on personal brand and sales to help maximize your efforts.
Always respond within 24hrs to potential clients. This will not only help you close deals but move you higher in CommonGenius Search results.