What is CommonGenius?

CommonGenius is the first expert marketplace that enables professionals to schedule on demand, 1-on-1 video meetings with thousands of the world’s leading consultants, coaches, and executives, empowering them to make better, faster decisions about their businesses, careers, and ambitions.

The CommonGenius Experience

No more leaving your success to chance. No more sending mountains of cold inboxes that you never hear back from or attending networking events in blind hopes that you just might find someone who is able and willing to help. We’ve made expert advice accessible and affordable. 


Some of our most popular experts are from personal branding and public speaking, start-up fundraising, product design, and marketing.


Here are our current featured experts:


How Does CommonGenius Work?

1. Search for an Expert

CommonGenius makes it simpler than ever before to get answers to complex problems from world-class experts. Use our guided search to view experts in your field or industry from all over the world.

View their profiles to see past experience, specialties, education and certifications, past publications, and reviews. Need clarification before you book? Send them a quick message.


  • Search experts by category
  • View expert profiles
  • Message before you book
2. Schedule a Meeting

To schedule a meeting with an expert, members simply propose three convenient time slots with a brief message about the topic of conversation to help the expert do some necessary prep work. Members then upload a payment method which will be charged only after the meeting concludes.

The expert will have 72 hours to respond and will either confirm one of the member’s suggested times or suggest other times until a mutually agreed upon window is requested. Both members and experts can also cancel the request if necessary.

3. Confirming a Meeting

Once the expert accepts a time and date, the member will provide payment information, be confirmed in our booking system and added to your calendar. Upon confirmation, members and experts will be sent via email and app notifications. Email and app reminders will also be sent as the meeting approaches.

4. Video Conference

At the scheduled date, an hour before the meeting, both the member and expert will receive a link to join the video conference in their email. You will also receive the link in your CommonGenius inbox.



The actual cost for the meeting only starts accruing once both the expert and member join the conference and pauses when one or both parties leave the conference. 

5. Final Payment

A hold will be put on the payment method for the estimated cost upon a member requesting a meeting; however, final charges will be made and adjusted based only upon the actual meeting length. Refunds for unused time or overtime charges will appear as a second transaction.


Members and experts will be alerted on the video conference screen as their scheduled meeting time nears its end. 

How do I prepare for my meeting with an Expert

To make the most of your consultation with an expert, we suggest that you prepare prior to your meeting. Here’s what we recommend:
Clearly Define Your Objectives

Whether you are trying to solve a tough problem at work, need expert eyes on your pitch deck, or are looking to discuss your next career move, it is best practice to clearly document and prioritize your biggest areas of concern or questions prior to your meeting. This will help ensure that you touch on all of your most pressing topics with the expert.

Inbox Your Expert

Either through the message box during the booking process or later through the inbox system, we recommend that you send your expert the summary of what you’d like to cover during your meeting. This will help the expert prepare for the meeting and request any clarification or documents. This will ultimately help your meeting be more successful and likely save you time and money.

Preparing For Your Call

Prior to hopping on your video conference, ensure that you are in a quiet location with strong internet connectivity. Have your objectives in hand as well as a way to take notes during your conversation.

Starting Your Conversation

Beginning your meeting with a bit of small talk helps you and your expert get comfortable and build rapport; however, try not to spend too much time on small talk. We recommend getting to the meat of your conversation within five to ten minutes so you can get the most out of your experience.

Watch Your Timing
Keep an eye on your meeting clock. You will be notified as you approach the end of your booked window. Following a three-minute grace period, you will be charged for additional time. If your meeting happens to run shorter than expected, you will see a refund on your account statement usually within 72 hours.
Wrapping Up Your Conversation

We fully anticipate that you will have a fantastic experience with your expert. When concluding your meeting, we encourage you to be courteous and thank the expert for their time and attention. If you require a follow-up conversation or future progress report, be sure to mention this to the expert so they can recommend a good time window.

Following Your Meeting

After your meeting concludes, you will be prompted to review your experience. This helps our other members identify the CommonGenius experts who might best help them and provides the feedback necessary for our experts to continually improve.


If you for any reason have a less-than stellar experience, email us at info@commongeniuses.com. You are always protected through our satisfaction guarantee.

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