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Success Story of Jenn Anderson

I met with Leslie Heizler after I was promoted into a role developing and managing a sales team for a luxury brand product. My new role was one I was very excited to be appointed to, but I also had a lot of self-doubt at the time about how I would do in the job.

I knew I needed something to build my confidence and knowledge base about my new role and responsibilities – namely forming, tracking and managing a brand-new sales team I was to put together.

I organically stumbled across CommonGenius when I was searching online for “how to develop targets for a sales team” – quite literally that was my search string. Leslie’s external insight and consultative direction was exactly what I needed; not only was he helpful as I selected new sales team members and how I would monitor their performance but my personal feeling of being overwhelmed subsided after meeting with him.

Leslie had me send numbers and historical data points ahead of our conversation and it really structured our session and allowed us to dig into the specifics of my team and ultimately allowed me to create the bonus and target structure I needed to have in place.

I love the product – geniuses, in fact! – and I would definitely go back to use you guys again.